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19 Things You Should Know About Freshers’ Week

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During Freshers’ Week, you will experience a lot of excitement, but you will also feel nervous, insecure and probably a bit lost. After all, you are starting a new chapter in your life and it is absolutely normal to feel this way.

You need to be prepared for all kind of things, both positive and negative, that later on will become precious memories.

19 Important Things Every Student Should Know About Freshers' Week

Here’s 19 things you need to know about Freshers’ week:

1. Be prepared to party

If you like to party, you’ll love Freshers’ Week. There’s a lot going on every night, so you’ll definitely have a good time. However, if you’re not a party animal, you should know that things get a bit crazy.. But most of the events are worth attending, as you will meet new people and you’ll experience the real student nightlife.

2. Budget properly

There are people who could spend their entire student loan during Fresher’s Week. Don’t do that! Think about all the other stuff you need such as food, books, going out, transport. It seems annoying at the beginning, but it’s part of the student life, so you’ll have to get over it.

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3. Don’t forget about Freshers’ Fair

Even though you’ll be hypnotised by all the parties, try to take a look at what’s happening at Freshers’ Fair as well. It’s a good opportunity to join a sports team or a society, which might turn out to be actually really enjoyable.

4. You’ll probably be homesick

The first weeks away from home are going to be hard, at least for some freshers. Mainly because you’ll miss the comfort of your own house, your family and your friends. But that’s ok, you’ll feel much better after a while. All the new beginnings are quite hard.

5. Don’t forget about your responsibilities

Even though Freshers’ Week is mainly about having fun and getting drunk, it’s not a good idea to forget about paperwork and other important stuff like your student loan and your rent. Make sure you send all the important emails or letters if you want to avoid some stress.

6. Remember that you need to eat

You can’t survive only with beer. You need to eat at least two proper meals per day if you wanna keep partying. Also, I guess you’ve heard about Freshers’ Flu, so it’s important to take care of yourself a bit.

7. Socialise as much as possible

Fresher’s week is a great opportunity to make friends and to talk to people from all over the world. Be friendly and relaxed and you’ll see how many awesome people you’re going to meet.

8. Be yourself

You don’t need to impress anyone. That’s really not the point of Fresher’s week . Be relaxed and try to act normal. If some people don’t like you, it’s not the end of the world. You can’t please everyone.

9. Some people don’t drink

If some people don’t drink, you should never judge them.If you don’t drink that’s alright, there are plenty of societies where you will find like-minded people. If you’re not doing it for religious reasons, that’s perfectly fine, you’ll find people of all faiths that will go through exactly the same thing.

10. Don’t forget about your family

Even though you’re busy and things are crazy, you should at least text your parents to let them know you’re still alive. You know they tend to worry too much.

11. Take all the free stuff

During Freshers’ Week, people will give you all sorts of free stuff like pencils, t-shirts, keyrings etc. You should take them, they might come in handy one day and they’re good souvenirs from your first week as a student.

12. Be open minded about others

You’ll meet all types of people during Freshers’ Week, so chances are high that you will dislike some of them. Remember that you always need to be tolerant with others and that probably if you knew some of them better,you’d actually like them.

13. Be prepared to answer the same question all over again

When you meet new people, you’ll have the same conversation like a hundred times: Where are you from? What are you studying? Where do you live? etc.It gets a bit annoying, but that’s how people get to know each other.

14. You don’t have to make lasting friendships in the first week

Don’t worry if you feel like you didn’t make a really good friend during Freshers’ Week. It takes time to connect with someone and you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to meet people.

15. Try not to mix drinks

If you’ll drink beer, vodka, wine and champagne in one night, you’ll probably wake up in a bin or something, nor remembering your last name. So try to take it easy, you don’t want to embarrass yourself so badly.

16. Buy a wristband

There are individual tickets for each of the events but in purchasing a wristband that covers all the events across the whole week, you can save over 50% of the cost!

17. Wear appropriate clothes

If you need to attend a ceremony and the dress code dictates “smart casual”, it is best to stay smart. Wear your gown and your best shoes if it says so on the freshers’ programme. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being underdressed.

18. Take some pictures

These are moments that you will want to remember in the future, so take at least a few photos with your new friends. No need to spam Facebook and Instagram with hundreds of pictures though.

19. Enjoy

Last but not least, enjoy your time, have as much fun as possible, socialise and make good memories for the future. You’ll miss being a fresher. The first year of uni is usually the best.

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