Big Narstie Interview: The Rise of the BDL Troops (Base Defence League)

Are you ready for Big Narstie’s BDL Invasion?

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Big Narstie, BDL, First of His Name.

The realest interview with Grime royalty, and the leader of the BDL, King Big Narstie.

The UK phenomenon, known as Big Narstie, is one of Grime’s most defining characters. Now, with is loyal following behind him, Big Narstie explains the rise and invasion of the BDL.

The grime MC hit the official charts this year with a top 10 for his feature on Craig David’s ‘When The Bassline Drops’ and performed a packed summer of shows that included Ibiza Rocks, Wireless, Reading & Leeds and more.

Reviewing his recent success,  Big Narstie said;

“Mans thankful and grateful for everything that’s going on right now. I’m just focusing on the most important thing; which is all my genuine supporters, the BDL”

Craig David x Big Narstie - When the Bassline Drops

Craig David & Big Narstie

For those that may not know, BDL (Base Defence League), is the given name for Big Narstie’s loyal and genuine fan base. We asked Narstie how he describes his BDL troops, he said;

“BDL is a clued up 21st-century reflection of ASBO and upper-class England in modern times.”

With his genuine, witty personality; mixed with being one of the key characters of the Grime scene, it’s no surprise that Big Narstie’s army of BDL supporters is rapidly growing stronger by the day.

Far from your average M.C, the Brixton rapper is also known as “Uncle Pain” for his laugh-out-loud advice to the world via his online Agony Uncle video series which has had millions of us in stitches.

By simply being himself, Big Narstie has managed to build a personal brand and an uncontrollable likeness amongst UK millennials.

“Before I got to the stage where people gave a sh*t about me, I was just a fat kid from Brixton with sick bars. 

Some artists plan their career. Like they’ll say “I’m gonna be this kind of artist”. I’m just thankful that I’m being accepted by everyone for being myself.”

What seems to be a quest for world domination, Big Narstie recently launched his Base Invaders app.

Big Narstie - Base Invaders App

Big Narstie – Base Invaders App

The addictive game, which takes on a retro-feel reminiscent of Space Invaders, sees Big Narstie as the main character, trying to avoid capture from the law by negotiating obstacles, jumping on to moving platforms and using his trusty zoot as his main destruction weapon for anything that stands in his way.

Did you ever imagine you would have so many fans as loyal as the BDL?

“I had it in my head as a dream, but for it to become a reality, that was a next ting! 

Without a dream, nothing’s possible; you’ve got to dream of it first.”

So, Big Narstie, you have an army, you have your own app; what’s next for your BDL invasion?

In the words of my old skool football coach, Wallace, “it’s still nil-nil; so Tyrone, stop being fat and lazy and get back in defence.” LOL. Real talk fam.

I’ve never been one to predict the future. All I know is we do this one step at a time, and we keep it genuine. Thou shall not be a c**t.

How do you deal your fame?


Morley’s Chicken

“I don’t think I was meant to be famous. I see myself as a normal guy. Sometimes it works in my favour and sometimes it works against me.

But, I like the fact I can mingle with everyone, from the lower class to the upper class.

It’s about being comfortable. No matter how nice a gourmet burger is, I will always bang a Morley’s cuz! Always. And, tell boss man to put an extra piece on cheese on my ting.”

With his his entrepreneurial mind and a larger-than-life, infectious personality, it’s easy to forget that Big Narstie is a master Grime MC.

That being said, we’re excited for the release of his highly anticipated album. Set for release in early 2017; rumoured features include exciting names such as; Ed Sheeran, Robbie Williams and Section Boyz.

BDL Skank is the first single release from the forthcoming album; Big Narstie said;

“BDL Skank featuring Super Cat, that’s tearing it down right now. Grime with a bashment twist, you can’t go wrong! You get me?!? Tun Tun Warrior!”

During your most recent BBC 1Xtra Fire in the Booth, you expressed your concerns for current Grime artists. What’s wrong with the Grime scene?

“Even if I’m not in a next mans crew; every success I have, influences the Grime scene.

With all the success I had recently, from working the Craig David, to my own stuff; imagine if I said, let me just jump on techno.

It’s all good and well; I’ll be making money to put in my pocket; but I wouldn’t be supporting my scene.

It’s called the home-side effect.

Look at English football teams. If we keep spending millions on fancy Spanish players, when the World Cup comes, don’t be surprised when England get’s left behind.

That’s what’s wrong with the Grime scene.”

Go to 3:46 to hear Big Narstie’s freestyle of the Grime scene

Big Narstie Interview: The Rise of the BDL Troops (Base Defence League)

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