Chloe Khan: From X Factor to Celebrity Big Brother 2016

The true story of CBB Housemate Chloe Khan

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From X Factor reject to glamour millionaire. We reveal everything you need to know about Celebrity Big Brother 2016 Housemate, Chloe Khan.

With Celebrity Big Brother 2016 kicking off last week, we thought we’d look into the life and career of housemate Chloe Khan.

Growing up in a derived part of Leeds (Wakefield) in the North of England, Chloe we break down how a once troubled chav transformed into a successful model and businesswoman.

Chloe Khan or Chloe Maffia?

Well, her real name is in fact Chloe Victoria Heald. However, she is best known as Chloe Mafia (for her X Factor appearance). Her Instagram name is currently Chloe.Khan and she entered the Celebrity Big Brother House as Chloe Khan; so we assume this will soon become her most famous identity.

The X Factor Saga

At the young age of 19, the Leeds singer appeared on X Factor. Taking to the stage dressed in a pair of ripped jeans, a crop top, her face covered in makeup and her body caked in fake tan; a confident Chloe aimed to “blow the judges away” with her singing.

Instead, she left the judges with extremely mixed feelings and was laughed by the studio audience. Simon Cowell said, “She’d be a nightmare to work with.”

Despite hearing cries of laughter and boo’s from the studio audience, the wannabe singer managed to persuade the judges to put her through to the next round of panel.

Feel quite embarrassing with her efforts, in fear she had ruined her chances; Chloe tells X Factor presenter Dermot O’Leary “I’ve proper wrecked it.”

Chloe Mafia aka Chloe Khan (Celebrity Big Brother) on X Factor audition 2010

Chloe Mafia back in 2010 on her X Factor audition.

Things turned from bad to worse for the ambitious pop singer. When a picture of a young X Factor contestant taking class A drugs emerged, Chloe Mafia she hit media headlines, for all the wrong reasons.

She was kicked off the popular talent show shortly after.

In this interview with ITV’s This Morning, Chloe Mafia defended herself from the media rumours.

Mummy’s Love for Destiny

Chloe has a daughter named Destiny. Despite being in the public eye herself, Chloe keeps Destiny away from the camera and it very protective of her.

Last year the CBB housemate posted a picture of her; the caption read: “I don’t post pictures of my baby on her because I keep my family life and work life very separate.”

A more recent Instagram posts, revealing a more grown up Destiny, shows a similar message: “Dear Instagram. My mummy does not post me on open social media sites.”

Chloe appears to be a very loving mum and demands privacy for her daughter.

From Rags to Riches

After The X Factor, with the wish to give her daughter a better life, the failed popstress moved to Los Angeles. It was here she starting her own webcam and modelling company; which earns her an astonishing £1,000,000 per year!

Changing her name to Chloe Khan and now travels the world, wears luxury clothing and enjoys private jets.

Fact: Chloe purchased a £600,000 four-bedroom house just outside of Leeds for her mother last year; as well as buying a six-bedroom property for herself nearby.

Chloe Khan Celebrity Big Brother Housemate

What Chloe Khan looks like now! Credit: Instagram


It’s clear to see the glamour model millionaire has made some alterations to her body. But, what exactly? She’s had a nose job, lip fillers, and, oh yeah, she’s had a “boob job – or two”. Her busty chest now measures an impressive 32HH.

Fact: It takes Chloe three hours to get ready, minimum!

Spearmint Rhino CEO

Chloe dated a wealthy entrepreneur, who happens to be the CEO of Spearmint Rhino.

The two met at the Playboy mansion back in 2014. The business tycoon later made Chloe the face of his famous strip club empire. John Gray, aged 59, said: “she was just stunning to me.”

Fact: The self-made millionaire often compares herself to Kim Kardashian, saying “People often mistake me for her before they hear me speak,”.

Watch this mini documentary for more on Chloe Khan’s transformation.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Moving on to the present, Chloe Khan is now a contestant on Channel 5’s reality TV show, Celebrity Big Brother.

What about her singing career?

It seems Chloe is way to occupied with her business and modelling career to focus on singing. However, singing still seems to be a passion for the Leeds girl, and every so often, she’s know to post a video like this one:

How far do you think Chloe will get? Does she have what it takes to win CBB 2016? Let us know.

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