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Introducing… Stogey

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Allow us to introduce you to Eastbourne grime emcee, Stogey

Already taken under the wings of some of Grime’s founding pillars, Stogey’s debut record, V.I.P, is being released by Grime legend, D Power’s brand new label, E.B Records.

After listening to Stogey’s dope flow and lyrics, we caught up with the him, to find out more about the new UK artist, guaranteed to make big strides in 2017.

First things first, why the name Stogey?

It all came from a house party when I was about 13 and had a one or two more Jack Daniels than I could handle, I went outside for some fresh air and fell asleep on the stairs. Back then, in the state I was in, people would say “you’re stogied”. The next day when I linked up with everyone, a good few people were calling me Stogey.

How did it all start for you?

My brother used to write lyrics, me, being his little brother, I used to sit with him and do the same. I remember I was in primary school when Wifey Riddim came out and I did my version.

Where do you find the inspiration for your music?

I’d say my music is inspired by Bashment & Reggae, and of course old school grime.
For me, Bashment influences the whole concept of trying to come with new flows and styles.

Produced by label mates Audio Slugs, Stogey’s debut track ‘V.I.P’ lends on a myriad of samples and drum beats that touch on old school grime whilst giving it an edge of trap within the flavours. Stogey flows with crisp clarity and conviction bringing energy to the verses before hitting out an anthemic hook.

So, talk us through V.I.P…

It’s just about your typical night out really, going out and turning up. You’ve always got them guys in the club that just stand there in the corner on an antisocial one, so I’m just basically saying that I didn’t go clubbing for drama, I went to draw couple girls, get drunk and have fun.

Watch the video below

Who do you look up to in music?

To be honest, I look up to the people around me, and a lot of my inspiration comes from them. However, people like Skepta and Giggs have been inspiring me as they’ve been doing some amazing things for the UK Grime & Hip Hop scene, and as a whole, they’ve taken UK music to a whole different place.

Who do you currently listen to the most?

To be honest, I’m in the studio more time so I only listen to myself and the people around me, I don’t like to hear too much other music as I can be subconsciously influenced. I like to keep everything fresh and authentic.

If you could work with any musician, who would it be and why?

I would have to say DaVinche, he makes some cold instrumentals.

UK Producer DaVinche

What makes you different from other artists?

Well, a lot of artists do what I do, but all I can say is I keep my music real and relevant to things that are happening or have happened in my life. I’m also putting Eastbourne on the map which is a small town in East Sussex. I’m trying to bring a new audience and culture here which nobody has done here before.

What do you think of the current Grime scene?

I feel the grime scene at the moment is the biggest it’s ever been. It’s only the beginning of something much bigger because you’ve got people in the UK, America and many other places linking up now, which is consistently opening new doors.

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What can we expect Stogey you in 2017?

My EP #GetStogied will be dropping towards the end of February, and I’m currently working on the next one so you can expect at least 4 EP’s this year and a lot of videos from me throughout the year.

Keep up to date with Stogey via his Facebook page.

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