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The Entourage movie is coming to our screens in just under a week but before it became a movie it was one of the greatest shows ever created and WGO is going to tell you a bit about it! 

Whose in it?: The main name on Entourage isn’t exactly a household one but you will 100% recognise him. Jeremy Piven (Mr Selfridge) plays the eccentric and brilliant super agent Ari Gold. Then there is leading man Adrian Grenier who plays the charming and laid back actor Vincent Chase who the whole show is based around. He’s joined by his best friends who are just along for the ride. Kevin Connolly, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillion play E, Turtle and Drama. Other main characters along the way are Rex Lee who is Ari’s assistant LLOOOYYDDDDD, Ari’s long suffering wife Mrs Ari (Perrey Reeves), Sloan (Emmanuelle Chirqui) who is E’s main love interest and then there’s the main characters. Yeah the cameos. This show honestly had the most amount of cameos of any show to ever run! It was why it was loved and is still loved. It had everyone from every type of genre in it! It went from James  Cameron to Lebron James to Matt Damon to Kanye West to Hugh Hefner to Jessica Alba. I could honestly list about 100 celebrities. It literally had everyone in it!

What’s it actually about?: The show is about Vincent Chase a Queens native who is spotted by super agent Ari Gold and is thrown headfirst into the crazy world of Hollywood. The show focuses on him as an actor living his lavish lifestyle and his career as it progresses. When he moves to Hollywood he brings along his best friend and manager Eric ‘E’ Murphy, Turtle one of his laziest best friends and his slightly crazy unsuccessful actor older brother Jonny ‘Drama’ Chase. Entourage focuses on all five of these characters stories and where there new found lives take them! 

Where can I watch it?: If you want to watch all 8 series of the show they can all be purchased on DVD at a good price but for a cheaper and easier way to watch them just go on sky on demand! They have every episode on there at the moment so take advantage of it while it’s there!

Why should I watch it?: Entourage is quite honestly one of the greatest shows ever created. It isn’t hilarious at all points and the plot isn’t particularly clever but it is always entertaining and easy to watch. You can never take that away from the show and it will be the same for the movie. You watch it for the friendship: These 5 guys have been through a lot together and come out the other side and one of the main focuses of this show has been there friendship. They have unwavering loyalty and love for one another through the good times and the bad. There is such a strong sense of bromance in this show and every guy watching it is wishing that was the life of him and his mates. You watch it for the glamour: The show literally is the most glamorous shows on TV. It is always filmed in the most beautiful locations and features incredibly beautiful people. You watch it for the brilliant characters. This show has possibly the two best characters ever created in Ari Gold and Johnny Drama. They are both extremely over the top and completely hilarious. Entourage is the show that if you’re bored you can just thrown any episode and get hooked and end up watching 10 back to back without realizing you’re doing it. This show is basically every guys dreams come true and when you watch it you can’t help but dream of this life. The show is incredible and I’m sure the movie will be amazing as well. Before you go make sure you watch all 8 seasons of it! You will not regret it. Now Lets hug it out bitch! 

Entourage is in Cinemas 19th June 2015! 

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