25+ Essential Apps Every College (and University) Student Should Have!

25+ Smartphone Apps Every Student Should Have!

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Heading off to College or University? You’re going to need some help! Below are 25+ essential apps that you should know about.

Transitioning into college life can be a major challenge (and it’s worse when you go off to University). The traditional college/Uni student is leaving the comforts of home, where many of their decisions are dictated by a parent or an older sibling.

In addition to that, the coursework in higher education is on another level entirely!

Time and money management become a huge topic of discussion, as time and money are limited to most students (especially University students).

It may seem that the deck is stacked against you, but no need to fear, pull out your mobile device and get ready to download. Here’s our list of the most essential, helpful and useful student-saving apps that you need to know about.

Whether you’re an iPhone user (iOS) or an Android user, the following apps will help you to manage your money, boost your productivity and stay healthy while you’re studying.

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Essential Apps for Students

Money Management


Money Management Student Apps


If you live off campus with roommates, Splittable is the perfect app to help keep peace in the home. Using this free app, you can split bills, rent, groceries, and other expenses easily. It also allows you to track payments as well, reminding neglectful roommates when their bill is due.

Download on iOS | Android


Getting your money back from the friend that always leaves their wallet at home before heading to the bar has never been easier. Pingit links your cell phone number to your bank account, making it simple for you or your friend to send money to one another. Who knows how many friendships this app has saved?

Download on iOS | Android | Microsoft


Shopping for grocery deals has never been so convenient. After inputting your favourite grocery items or things you need, mySupermarket app finds nearby deals so that you can save money on groceries. While you may not want to visit several stores to make groceries, this app does the heavy-lifting when it comes to finding the deals.

Download on iOS | Android


If you love to save money, and get free stuff this app is for you. HotUKDeals finds deals, vouchers, and free offers. Although this app has an upside, some users have complained about technological issues with the app.

Download on iOS | Android


VoucherCloud allows you to search for deals at restaurants and shops near you. It also remembers shops and food places you like, recommending places to try nearby.

Download on iOS | Android


This app is for all the shoppers out there. Quidco helps you find ways to get cash back for shopping. It’s simple. Browse for shops near you, shop your heart out and get paid to do it.

Download on iOS | Android

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Time Management & Productivity


Productivity Apps for students


This unique app not only helps you maintain productivity but may also contribute to breaking your addiction to your phone. Before you begin writing that paper or accomplishing some other important task, plant a seed in the app and watch it grow. If you neglect your important activity to pick up your phone, your plant will begin to wither.

Download on iOS | Android


Todoist allows you to manage tasks, collaborate, and meet deadlines at work and even at home. This app easily integrates with Google Drive, Cloud Magic, Toggl, and other tools to make it easy to keep track of the things you need to do.

Download on iOS | Android

Microsoft Word

The features you enjoy on your laptop or desktop are enhanced with the Microsoft Word app. You can create and edit documents as well as draw on word documents as well. As a bonus, if you have an iPhone, you can try this app out for free for 30 days.

Download on iOS | Android


This app is a must-try for the student that is involved on campus and always busy. Evernote allows you not only to take notes, but you can easily search and share entries. It also has the capability to turn pictures into working documents. You can also sync Evernote to multiple devices.

Download on iOS | Android

Google Drive Suite

Google Docs and other Google features are in the palm of your hand with this app. As an added feature, you can password protect your documents, work without an internet connection, and work on documents with a partner simultaneously.

Download on iOS | Android



Studying Apps for Students


This app is a must have for anyone studying a writing-intensive major. RefMe generates proper citations, reference lists, and bibliographies for books and journals. RefMe uses several citation styles including Chicago, APA, and MLA. It’s as simple as scanning the barcode of a book or searching a title.

Download on iOS | Android

Revision App

Revision App features guides, tutorial videos, and interactive videos created by teachers to help you revise your work. Topics covered include English, Sociology, History, Physics, and more.

Download on iOS

Exam Countdown

For those with a busy schedule or a heavy class workload, Exam Countdown is the perfect tool for you. Exam Countdown gives you a central location to store the dates and times of all your upcoming test and exams. You are even able to share your thoughts about upcoming exams on social media through the app.

Download on iOS | Android

Travelling and Living


Essential Travelling Apps for Students


Listed as the number 1 transit app in the world, Transit gives you access to public transportation information in your area. It also connects you to local bike share programs and sends out service alerts if a bus or transit line is down.

Download on iOS


This app links to the UK’s number 1 laundry and dry cleaning service. With Laundrapp, you can track the progress of your dry cleaning order. You may also request pick-up and drop-off of your clothes.

Download on iOS | Android

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Health and Well-Being


Health and Well-Being Apps for Students

Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker

MyFitness Pal brings us this awesome calorie and diet tracker that features nutrition information for over 5,000,000 food options. It also features a recipe importer.

Download on iOS | Android

Yummly Recipes & Recipe Box

This Yummly app features recipes from some of the most popular recipe websites. You can search recipes in various ways. If you are allergic to certain ingredients, you can search healthy chicken recipes without that particular food, and get options that you can make and enjoy.

Download on iOS | Android

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Have you ever been awakened out of your sleep by an alarm, and felt like your whole world was turned upside down? Well, most of us have. This neat app analyses your sleep pattern and wakes you up at your lightest sleep point which is the more natural way to wake up.

Download on iOS | Android

Sleep Cycle Power Nap

Similar to Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock, this app wakes you up from a power nap before you fall into a deep sleep. There are even three nap settings to choose from.

Download on iOS

Rocking Ramen

This app features Ramen recipes for days. It also features recipes that are healthy and flavorful.

Download on iOS



Essential Cloud Storage Apps For Students


Dropbox mobile offers all of the benefits of Dropbox for the desktop in the palm of your hand. You can share links and large files, edit documents, and access files offline.

Download on iOS | Android

Social Life


social apps for students


Drinkaware is the app to download for students that enjoy the social side of college. This app helps you calculate units and calories in drinks. It also helps you ask for help if help is needed.

Download on iOS | Android


This app allows you to meet new people near you. You can select your location preferences, chat, and get updates from nearby users.

Download on iOS | Android

Circle of 6

Circle of 6 is a safety app that may be useful during your college years. It allows you to add up to 6 people in your circle. If you are ever in an uncomfortable situation or feel unsafe, you can message your circle of 6 from the app. Circle of 6 automatically sends your friends a message with your current location information.

Download on iOS | Android

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These handy mobile apps will help you plan, manage and enjoy life while you’re studying at college or university; so get downloading. Also, let us know which apps you like the best; and, if you have a new app suggestions, be sure to let us know.

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25+ Essential Apps Every College (and University) Student Should Have!

25+ Essential Apps Every College (and University) Student Should Have!

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