Ferne McCann Looks Hot! Make Up, Hair and Clothes Tutorial

Ferne McCann’s Hot Marvel’s Agent Carter Make Over

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There’s no doubt that the TOWIE celeb, Ferne McCann, looks super hot in this Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter make-over.

Ferne McCann. You may know her as ‘that TOWIE girl’, or for her wild ‘Jungle Jane’ antics on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, but for today, you’ll know her as the Marvel’s Agent, Peggy Carter.

That’s right! To celebrate the launch of the Second Season of Marvel’s Agent Carter on Fox, the Celebrity Make Up & Hair Stylist, Lisa Valencia, transformed Ferne McCann into the 1940’s Hollywood icon.

Working on reality star’s makeup, hair, along with 3 different styles of clothing, Ferne McCann really does look like Peggy Carter.

Check out some pictures below

How to Get the Peggy Carter Look

Do you want to look like as hot as Ferne does? Well, you’re in luck! Lisa Valencia gives her top tips on creating the Marvel’s Agent Carter makeover:

Tip One – Hair

Make sure you part your hair to the side, this was a key element of the 40’s style and provided height to help with generating the soft waves and rolls that were the key style of the time. Peggy tends to opt for waves as opposed to the barrel rolls that many think of as being a sign of the time. This was likely a sign of practicality, to allow Peggy to really kick arse! Set your pin curls to create the waves first, then leave them to set whilst you do your make up

Tip Two – Base

Complexion perfection was a key trend of the time and Peggy’s base is always flawless so start by applying your foundation with a brush for a smooth finish

Tip Three – Brows

In the 40’s women loved their brows and usually opted for a distinctive brow shape that was full, natural with an exaggerated arch. Agent Carter’s brows are expertly groomed, so use a pencil to help fill them in. Try small strokes instead of harsh lines for a more natural effect

Tip Four – Eyes

Peggy’s eyes are a chocolate brown shade dressed with a faint, soft smudgy smoky eye. You can do this with a medium brown eye-shadow, but don’t over-do it with eye-liner. The focus is on the lips with this look, the eyes should be understated

Tip Five – Lips

Redder than red lips were a key trend of the time, in fact lipsticks were considered to be essential for ‘the war effort’ to keep morale up, and the trend for luscious looking lips continued after the war ended. Women were applauded for the use of lipstick as it was seen as keeping feminine while carrying out men’s work. With Peggy undertaking such a male dominated job, her lipstick is a real sign of her trying to keep a hold on her identity as a woman. The official colour used on the show is Besame Classic Color lipstick in Red Velvet, but any matte-red with a purple undertone will give you the Marvel’s makeover effect.

Watch the ‘how to’ tutorial featuring Lisa and Ferne

Let us know what you think of Ferne McCann’s hot new marvel look.

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