Quirky Glastonbury Festival Fashion Tips

Glastonbury Festival: Fashionably Quirky Styles and Tips

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How to look fashionably quirky at Glastonbury Music Festival. This is how it’s done.

Glastonbury Festival Fashion Tips. Good news for all the fashion and music lovers out there, the Glastonbury Festival 2016 is finally here.

This five-day festival at Pilton, Somerset offers a great mix of cultures and is frequented by celebs from all over the world. Yes, that means ultimate fangirl moments!

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a ticket this year, who knows who you may run into!

This festival is something you just have to take part in at least once in your lifetime and at the same time looking fantastic listening to the brands you love.

Now you obviously cannot go to this amazing fest wearing a potato sack! Don’t worry we have included the trendiest outfit ideas that would make you the centre of attention. The trick is to be fashionably quirky and currently the glamour world is going gaga over vintage trends.

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Glastonbury Festival Fashion Tips - How to look fashionably quirky

Check out Nordic Poetry, every fashion enthusiast’s utopia, for the best vintage wear collections for men and women. It infuses retro fashion trends of the 90’s in the contemporary style and viola; you have the perfect range of fabulous vintage outfits for ‘today’!

How about opting for one or more of these style statements when you head over to the Glastonbury Festival?

Short summer dresses

Glastonbury Festival Fashion

With the temperatures soaring this June, it is only practical that you go for something light and breezy.

Chuck the tight fitting pieces that cling to your body like a second skin and embrace lose and comfy summer dresses.

It’s time to bring back the quirky retro prints and patterns. Fringes and fishtails go wonderfully with them; for the extra oomph, you can even add flashy chokers to balance the look. Team it up with a denim jacket, leather boots and hat for a simple yet stylish fashion statement.

Flashy neon colours and prints

To spice things up a bit, add a dash of outrageously vibrant neon colours like fluorescent and orange to your otherwise ordinary outfit, or maybe experiment with the many patters such as cheetah prints, zebra stripes, khaki patterns and monochrome?
A sure shot formula for making heads turn! Just ensure that all other aspects of your look are minimal.

Neon coloured shorts, skirts, crocs, tops and leggings are an absolute rage in contemporary fashion.

Funky crop tops

Glastonbury Music Festival Fashion Outfit

Beat the heat with these super sexy crop tops that come in various cuts and designs.

You finally get the perfect opportunity to flaunt that cute belly button ring! If you’re aiming for a rock chick/rebel look, these crop tops are just the thing for you!

Also, they go wonderfully with anything denim, be it ripped jeans, shorts or dungarees.

For a more retro feel, you can team it up with platform heels and tassels to complete the look.

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Go all bohemian-chic

The mysterious gypsy look is an evergreen classic especially at music festivals like Glastonbury’s! Vibrant colours, wild prints and all things bling define the retro era.

Go for printed jumpsuits, long flowy dresses, and scarves that are still very much in vogue. Not only are they super comfy but make you look all tall and sexy as well! Throw in a short leather jacket and junk jewellery to complete the look.

Denim, a fashionista’s best friend!

Glastonbury Music Festival Fashion Outfit

When in doubt, go denim! It is one material that has been in fashion since…well forever!

From the retro bell bottom pants to today’s skin tight jeans, denim has continued to be an indispensable part of our wardrobe.

You can go in for a pair of denim jeans, shorts, jackets or dungarees for the cool but casual look. These can match with anything, be it crop tops, sequenced fancy tops, off shoulders, sweatshirts the list is never ending!

Sporty and tomboyish

Contrary to the popular belief, tracks and sweats are just not for the field; they are equally perfect for the ramp as well. Brands like, Adidas, and Nike have launched their collection of sports wear and it looks amazing!

If you’re aiming for a tough, tomboyish look, then this is just the thing you need. Perfect for crowds and long hours under the sun, these jackets, tees, vests, tracksuits and shorts are high on comfort and style.

Also, classic sports shoes from the 80s are a much better option than stilettos for hectic outings.

Oh-so-cool leather jackets!

Leather Jackets - Glastonbury Music Festival Fashion

Biker jackets have been almost synonymous to the swoon-worthy rock stars banging their heads and doing all those cool moves on stage.

It would be blasphemous to forget the leather jacket when talking about outfit choices for music festivals!

Bring out your inner bad boy/girl with these jackets that look so casual yet dangerous at the same time!

You can mix and match them with mini-skirts, shorts or even dresses. It goes perfectly with ripped jeans and shirts, a classic combination that can never go wrong!

Scarves and stoles and trendy sunglasses

Simple, light and practical, scarves and sunglasses not only compliment your outfit but even shield you from the sun.

Stoles and scarves offer a lot of scope for experimentation and can be used as wraparounds or head gears. Use it as a bandana or hair tie for the retro yet mystic look or tie it around your neck or use it to add layers to your outfit…the possibilities are endless!

Also, the cool shades can go perfectly with almost any outfit! Wear it with summer one pieces, fancy tops or tracksuits to enhance your overall look.

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There is no right or wrong in fashion; it is just a way of self-expression. Fashion is all about comfort and style.

Don’t conform yourself to rules and conventions, embrace your uniqueness, use your imagination, throw in that retro vibe and stand out from the crowd even with some stylish wellies!

A Glastonbury must have for the unpredictable British summer.

Glastonbury Festival Fashion Tips: How to Look Fashionably Quirky

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