Mysterious Holywater Banksy of Hip Hop

Who Is Holywater?

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Mysterious rapper Holywater known as the “Banksy of Hip Hop”…

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new Hip Hop artist on the block. His name? Holywater; but that’s about all we know!

The cryptic artist recently released an obscure music video called “3am”.

In the gripping video you’ll see a deranged bent cop who is up to no good in the early hours of the morning.

GRM Daily said “Enigmatic artist Holywater has released a new video” they went on to say “The mystery man brings his menacing delivery to this dark and dangerous tune.”

Watch the video for ‘3AM’

One thing is for sure; this mystifying rapper has strong views and he’s not afraid to express them.

His darkened bass heavy beats and outrageous lyrics take you into a strange realm of sex, addiction and harsh realities. Expressing topics on a level that most fear to talk of, it’s no surprise his identity remains an enigma.

Listen to ‘Red Lights’

Known street artist, political activist and film director, Banksy, is also fearless when it comes to his opinion; often expressing his views through the art-form of graffiti. Banksy identity is also unverified.

Banksy the Power of Graffiti


The commonalities have led to people calling Holywater the “Banksy of Hip Hop”. Maybe the two outspoken individuals are friends; who knows!

The question remains. Who is Holywater?

If you think you know the identify or whereabouts of this mysterious man, be sure to let us know.

You can listen to Holywater’s JUDAS EP via

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