Young Kim Kardashian before her fame and stardom

Young Kim Kardashian before her fame

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What did the reality TV star look like before stardom? We found these rare photos of a young Kim Kardashian before her fame and success. 

Kim Kardashian West, arguably one of the most successful faces on the planet. In this post, we take a look at 23 photos of young Kim Kardashian before her fame, glamour and success.

Known for many things, Kim is mainly known for having a big bootie, taking selfies and starring in the hit reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Her name shot to fame after she appeared in a sextape with the rapper Ray J, which was leaked back in 2003.

The reality TV star is married to the hip hop rapper, Kanye West; and is the proud mother of babies North and Saint West.

Of course we all know this, right? None of this should be ground breaking information.

If this is all news to you, where on earth have you been??

The point is, Kim is ultra famous. It’s hard to remember a world without the Kardashian name.

Have you ever wondered what Kim looked like before her fame?

Well, you can stop wondering. Here’s 23 of the rarest pictures of Kim Kardashian before she was famous.

1. Baby Kim

Cute baby Kim in dungarees and a hair bow. In this photo the reality star is so small, her feet don’t even reach the ground.

2. Time for some cake

Young Kim Kardashian eating cake

Young Kim Kardashian eating cake (how cute). Kim shared this throwback photo via Instagram.

3. Soccer Kid

Did you know that Kim use to play soccer as a kid? Neither did we. Kim’s daughter North West, was seen playing football last year. She’s following her mom’s footie-steps.

4. Family photoshoot

Young Kim looking so cute and innocent in this pink dress and bow.

5. First make up lessons

Cute picture of Kim experimenting with faceprint. It’s rare to find a photo of Kim where her make up isn’t on point. Even as a child, her make up game was 100%.

6. Childhood BFF

Another cute photo of Kim and her childhood BFF, Nikki Lund.

7. Young Kim and Kourtney

How cute do these two look in all white and sandals. You can barely tell the sisters apart in this photo.

8. Kim and Kourtney make a matching pair

In this photo, young Kim is posing with her sister Kourtney. A cute picture, despite the matching outfits. I wonder if the two Kardashians would wear this today…

9. Childhood friends

Teenage Kim with her childhood friend, Nikki Lund.

10. First school photos

We all have those school photos stashed away somewhere. Kim is no different. A cute Kim in her school uniform.

11. Kim had braces

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

Last year, Kim’s childhood friend, Nikki Lund, shared this photo. It seems the reality star use to have braces. How normal!

12. Kim with Nikki Lund

There seems to be loads of pictures with Kim and her childhood BFF Nikki. It’s no surprise she has mastered the selfie.

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

13.Ready to skate

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

This picture of young Kim is so cute. This was another Instagram throwback posted by Kim; this time, at the ice skating rink.

14. Selfie fail

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

Messing around with her friend, it seems the selfie queen has a great sense of humour.

15. Photo booth friends

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

Kim Kardashian and Nikki Lundi, posing with their sunglasses on their heads.

16. A mother and daughter moment

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

Kim with her youthful looking mother, Kris Jenner; both smiling for the camera.

17. Bikini pose

Kim and her two sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, in their summer bikinis. The three Kardashian siblings look like an odd bunch here.

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

18. Daddy’s girl.

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

Kim, Khloe and younger brother Rob, with their father Robert Kardashian. Robert died in 2003. No doubt this picture must mean a great deal to Kim.

19. Looking like the TV show “Clueless”

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

Apparently this photo was taken back in 1997 at Nicole Richie’s birthday party. Were they actually on the phone, or was it just a pose for the camera? Remember, cellphones would have been rare back then.

20. Early photoshoot

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

Kim in her younger days, with pigtails, looking as beautiful and innocent as ever.

21. Another flashback

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

Another photo of young Kim with her childhood bestfriend Nikki Lund.

22. Young Kim and Nicole

13-year-old Kim Kardashian posing thumbs up with childhood buddy, Nicole Richie. This time it’s Nicole with the braces. This photo was posted by Kim on her own Instagram account.

Before Kim Kardashian was famous

23. Teenage Kim

At age 14, this picture of teenage Kim, resembles the celebrity Kim we know and love today. Minus the plastic surgery and make up.

There you have it! 23 shocking photos of Kim Kardashian, before all her fame.

Deep down, it’s clear that Kim is a regular person, just like all of us.

Despite what some may think, Kim has clearly worked hard to get to where she is today.

She wasn’t born with a superstar lifestyle, amazing fashion wardrobe and celebrity name.

Maybe you will be the next Kim Kardashian West.

Thank you for reading!

23 rare photos of a young Kim Kardashian before her fame.

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