17 Rules & Habits of Highly Fashionable People

17 Rules & Habits of the Highly Fashionable

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We look into the best rules and habits that highly fashionable people do…

Would you like to be the one who yours friends secretly envy for always being the best dressed?
Do you want to be a highly fashionable person and as stylish as your favourite celebrity?

If so, here are 17 important fashion rules and habits you must know. Stick to these and you’ll soon be that “It” girl everyone is talking about.

Rules & Habits of Highly Fashionable People

# 1. Always Remember the 3 Cs

Great fashion and style are not just about your clothes. No matter what you are wearing, you will never pull it off if you skimp on any of the three C’s.

To be different, daring and considered as a highly fashionable person it requires confidence. You need to believe in yourself and feel good about the statement that you want to make.

Remember that there is always going to be haters, and it is best to ignore them. Focus on the compliments instead. Smile and walk tall. Be you and be proud.
Have enough confidence to make a fashion faux pas look like an intentional statement.

Tip: Compliment strangers. If you like her shoes or her bold jacket, tell her. She may mention where she got it from. You will always appreciate a flattering remark from someone you don’t know; so be that person for someone else to keep the good karma flowing.

We can address this in two ways. Make sure that your clothes are physically comfortable; you don’t want to be continuously adjusting your outfit because things don’t sit right.

Secondly, you need to feel comfortable with you choice of clothes. If you think that dress is too short for the work function, it most probably is, no matter what your bestie may say.

Tip: Consider your plans are for the day ahead and plan your outfit accordingly.

Every fashionista knows when to wear flats and when to wear heels. Opt for flats if you know you are going to be doing a lot of walking.

Oh, and don’t wear your brand new stilettos even if you are eager to show them off. You don’t want to be drawing attention because you’re hobbling down the street with blisters.

Make it a habit to check the weather forecast. Any discomfort caused by weather can ruin your mood and people will see that.

People will wonder why you are wearing such a flimsy dress on a cold evening. Or, such a heavy white blouse in the hot sun. They will pity you rather admiring your style.

Tip: Use your jacket as an accessory. Drape it around your shoulders or tie it around your waist for a more casual look. If the weather happens to turn cold, you’re prepared.

# 2. Think Out of the Wardrobe (Box)

Don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary. Mix and match colours, textures and prints to make your look individual and unique.
Be creative and innovative. Wear your tube top as a skirt or layer a dress over a long skirt.

Tip: Extend this further by considering pieces you wouldn’t usually pair. Match something formal with something casual.
Think sweatpants with a tailored blazer and heels. Or a sophisticated blouse and a formal suit with sneakers.

Follow Jessica Alba and wear an ultra feminine frock with a biker jacket for that extra edge.

Jessica Alba Biker Jacket

# 3. Drop the Snob

When you go shopping for clothes, don’t be a snob. Try as many stores as possible, not just the boutiques or high-end stores.

Let’s face it; we don’t have a bank account like Kim Kardashian. Luckily for us, their style is usually on offer for a much affordable price.

Visit stores such as Debenhams, ASOS, H&M or New Look for more affordable options. High-end fashion does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

Tip: Poke around the fancy stores even if you know you won’t be buying anything. Act with confidence and like belong. Note items that you like so that you can look around for similar items elsewhere.

Retailers also follow trends. They will provide alternatives for a fraction of the price of designer boutiques. Every store has potential so don’t limit yourself.

# 4. Brand Names Don’t Automatically Buy Style

This goes hand in hand with rule #3. Wearing one brand head-to-toe will not instantly buy you style. It may just make you look like a walking advertisement.

Money cannot, in this case, buy you everything. A true fashionista will look good in a combined ensemble that she bought at the thrift shop or high-street store.
It’s all about attitude. She doesn’t necessarily need to wear the latest Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci creations to be high fashion.

# 5. If You Love It (and, you can afford it) Buy It!

If you see something that you just went gaga about, you should buy it; if you can afford it. Even if you don’t have anywhere to where to yet.
Next month you get invited to a classy birthday party. Well, now you have this amazing dress in your wardrobe ready to wear.
The worst feeling is when you walk away, come back later and it is gone. The regret can linger way too long.

In a worse case scenario, most stores with allow you to return unworn clothes, should you happen to change your mind (always check the returns policy).

Tip: What if you find a dress you love, but you can’t find your size? If it’s a size or two bigger, buy it. A tailor can alter it for you to fit.
Sometimes cinching with a belt, a half tuck or rolling sleeves can also work; depending on the item. These can also help you achieve a casual coolness style.

Important: When shopping don’t fret over sizes. Different sizes are common depending on where the garment is manufactured.
Sometimes what you think may be too small or too big is actually the perfect fit. Make sure you try on items in store or if you are in a hurry find out about return policies in case you need to take it back.

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# 6. Know Yourself

It is important to know your body shape. An ill-fitting item will immediately cancel any fashion attempts you are making.
A larger size can be made smaller, but, unfortunately, this is not the case vice versa.

Get rid of garments that you know will not fit and trade them with your friends. They may just have something perfect for you which doesn’t fit them either anymore.

It’s also important to consider your personality and own style. You need to be able to own your look.
Wearing something you know is not you is always a bad idea; even if it happens to be the latest trend. It will just make you feel uncomfortable and lower your confidence.

For example, you don’t need to wear bright colours if you are a more down-to-earth type of girl. You can still achieve a high fashion look by wearing nude, neutral or earthy tones.
It is all depends on how you put your outfit together and your attitude.

Tip: Dress for yourself and not others. If you wear what you like, you’re already on the road to fashion success.
Sometimes, if you try too hard, and it appears fake and people will notice.

# 7. Selective Trending

It is a good idea to be conscious of current trends, but that doesn’t mean that you need to follow each and every trend going. Be selective. It is always good to try something new; however, do not become a slave to fashion.
Plus, what would be the point if everyone dressed the same? You wouldn’t be unique or highly fashionable at all; just another carbon copy of the all the other girls out there.

Tip: Remember, what may be overwhelmingly popular now will not necessarily still be considered in a few months from now.

# 8. Be Trendsetting

Instead of following trends, you should be setting them. If you see someone you know copying your style, don’t get upset; take it as a compliment. A copycat is the highest form of flattery.
If this happens, congratulations, you have officially become the trendsetter!

# 9. Be Inspired

You can discover great ideas from fashion magazines, blogs, newsletters, social feeds and street fashion.
If you see an outfit you like, don’t flat out copy it. Instead, take individual pieces and mix them with others to build your own unique style.

Tip: Don’t only look to the catwalks, mannequins and celebs for fashion inspiration. Look at nature, buildings, art, music and anything else you can adapt for personal self-expression.

# 10. Wardrobe Staples

Every wardrobe needs to have several core items. These are garments that you can wear with just about anything. Think jeans, slacks, a fitted jacket, the classic little black dress, a white button-up shirt and tank tops.

Tip: We recommend investing in high-quality garments for such core items. Even if some of these are the most expensive item in your wardrobe. Any core items must be versatile enough to dress up or down.
For example, a great pair of jeans can go a long way. Pair these with different blouses, jackets and T-shirts s to create a different look each time. You can even wear dresses or skirts over them if you want a 90’s grunge vibe.

Rule of thumb: Any good outfit should have at least one high-quality item. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a garment but could even be accessories such as a belt, bag or earrings.

Wardrobe Quote - Rules & Habits of the Highly Fashionable

# 11. Statement Pieces

To make sure you stand out of the crowd and draw attention, wear an item that has a high impact. It needs to make a bold statement.

This can be a garment made of an attractive patterned fabric, a unique texture or a bright colour. It can be an accessory that is unique and eye-catching. It can even be a striking top like the one Rihanna is wearing in the photo below:

Rihanna Fashion Statement - Rules & Habits of the Highly Fashionablecredit: Tumblr

Tip: Pop into the thrift shop to find that one of a kind item that you won’t find anywhere else. Vintage is always a style winner.

Raid Grandma’s jewellery box and closet (with her permission, of course). Check out the costume shop even if it is not Halloween. You will find different and unusual earrings, tights and accessories. These can be the perfect signature piece of your outfit.

You can find other treasures at street markets or events stalls; so make sure you always browse around.
If you are bold enough, your signature statement piece could even be your hair. Follow the ever growing trend of unusual, non-traditional and vibrant hair colours.
Can’t commit to one colour? Go rainbow. Use extensions or hair chalk if you don’t want to dye your hair.

Another popular way in which to create a striking or diverse look is with your makeup. This is also an easier alternative to introducing whichever colour is this season’s “new black” into your outfit. No wardrobe overhaul required. Follow colour trends with bold eyeliners, popping eyeshadows, vibrant nails and funky accessories.

# 12. Time Management

Always a good habit to keep and should be one that you use implement daily. Every wonder how that chic girl at work looks so polished and groomed every single day? It is because she manages her time well and prepares to achieve that desired look.

Although it may be tempting to push that snooze button two or three times in the morning – DON’T! The last minute rush will result in a dishevelled look.

Although sometimes we may want to look a little a more casual, such as a messy hairstyle, it is neither cool nor fashionable if it was not intentional.

Make sure that when you get ready that you allow yourself enough time. A few extra minutes will make a huge difference and let you add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

Tip: Plan your outfit the day before. Make sure that all items are clean, ironed and ready-to-wear. That will help you a lot in avoiding a frantic panic in the morning.

# 13. Fashionably Late

The previous rule states that you must make sure you have enough time to get ready. Stick to that, HOWEVER; it’s not an entirely bad idea to be a few minutes late to a big event.

The reason for this is that everyone will be there already and notice when you enter. It’s a sure-fire way to draw attention to how smashing you look.

This is a tricky one, though. You don’t want to make this a habit. This is an exception and should only be for very special occasions and only once in awhile.

Additionally, overdoing it with the lateness may be misconstrued as rude by your hosts. Use with extreme caution!

# 14. Care for Your Clothes

Another good habit that you should make part of your daily routine is caring for your clothes. Hang up or fold your clothes after you undress if they are still suitable for another wear.

Excessive washing can damage your garments; so only wash when necessary.

Tip: Uh oh, you’ve spilt your drink on your blouse! Treat the stain as soon as possible. Check for marks or stains when you get home so that it doesn’t set.

Nobody likes the unpleasant surprise of planning an outfit, only to find a stain that you didn’t see before (we’ve all been there).

Don’t lounge around the house in your good pieces. Save those for special occasions. No matter how much you like that garment, wear more comfortable, less fashionable clothes at home.
If you are planning on going out later, manage your time accordingly, so that you can avoid hanging around the house; as could result in your outfit becoming crumpled.

# 15. Undercover Underwear Flair

You may think that your underwear doesn’t matter because no one sees it. This is not the case. Wearing beautiful underwear will boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Tianna Gregory - Rules & Habits of the Highly FashionableCredit: Instagram

And, remember, your underwear is the foundation of your outfit. It can affect important factors like your silhouette. Choose the correct undergarments according to what you are playing to wear.
If you are wearing a strapless or off the shoulder top, make sure you choose the right bra.

Unless you are going for that kind of look or wearing a contrasting colour, it is better not to have bra straps showing.

An ideal buy would be the extremely versatile WonderBra Multiplunge. The straps are adjustable and can be changed or removed to work under any style garment that you are planning to wear.

Tip: Don’t wear granny style panties under your slim, fitted pants or dress. This will create unsightly lines across your butt cheeks that are visible through your clothes.
Choose underwear that will rather accentuate a smooth and streamlined look. Many shaping options are available. This will make your outfit sit all the more attractively. Spanx offer high-quality shaping underwear for whatever you may need. Every lady should invest in some proper undergarments.

If you are wearing a sheer garment, opt for underwear in neutral colours so that they don’t shine through.

# 16. Fashion Emergency Kit

Keep a fashion emergency kit in your bag for when wardrobe mishaps occur. Keep a lint roller and wet wipes to keep your outfit clean. Doubled sided tape is also great for snagged hems and splits. Plasters are a staple for blisters. Best is to keep a small sewing kit in your bag too.

Tip: Oh no! Your hem has just come loose at the office, and your presentation is up in 10. Use a stapler to secure the hem in place.
Do this from the inside to avoid the staple from being seen too easily.
This is only a quick fix in a real emergency situation as your garment could become damaged from the staple. Remove carefully when you get home.

# 17. More is Less

When it comes to accessories, this is so true. Learn to pick the right pieces to compliment your outfit. Too much can ruin your whole look. The cut and style of your garment will also determine which pieces may be the perfect final touch.

Tip: Draw attention to a low neckline with an elaborate pendant or a striking pair of earrings as seen by Robert Cavalli.

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2016

Additionally, the perfect accessory can double-up as your statement piece.

If you are wearing an outfit of one colour in different shades, wear a scarf, belt or a handbag in a contrasting colour to finish off your outfit.

Remember the best accessory that you have is your smile. Use it!

Stick to the rules and keep up these healthy habits. You will become the “It” girl with the high fashion sense that you know you are destined to be.

What do you think? Let us know your top fashion rules and habits.


17 Rules & Habits of Highly Fashionable People

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