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Saw | 10 Greatest Moments

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Let’s look back at 10 of the greatest moments from the movie horror classic, Saw.

10 years ago we were introduced to one of the most inventive horror movies of all time, Saw. All of the movies may not have been the best but the way they were linked together was brilliant.

Here’s Saw’s 10 greatest moments:

1. Jigsaws in the room!

So lets start with the greatest moment in the franchises history. Without this ending I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have seen any sequels at all. But we did get this ending. Which not one person can say they saw coming. Still one of the greatest endings in movie history. Brilliance.

2. Saws his foot off

Just before that shocking ending we saw with the big reveal we had another disturbing moment. The first movie set the bar high and it was something the sequels never really lived up to. The moment where we realise how far Dr. Gordon will go to save his family isn’t even the most shocking moment in the film!

3. Goodbye Jigsaw

So Jigsaw is the iconic villain in the saw movies but funny enough he doesn’t make it out of the third movie alive! Of course in death he still had one more trick up his sleeve. What doesn’t this guy think of?!

4. Jigsaws Apprentice

With Jigsaw dead who is going to carry on his work? Amanda dies at the end of the third movie as well so who will carry on teaching people lessons. In typical Saw style it announced to us who that man was in shocking circumstances. 

5. Set up

So we all know Hoffman is Jigsaws apprentice and the only man on screen whose realised this is Agent Strahm. At the end of the fifth movie it appears he finally has caught Hoffman out when he traps him in a coffin. As always with Saw the good guy doesn’t exactly come out on top. 

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6. What goes around comes around

So for the last 3 Saw films Hoffman has taken Jigsaws place. But he’s not exactly living by Jigsaws rules. Jigsaw never killed anybody he just gave them the chance to change their lives. Yes the majority of them did die in their traps but that just proved they didn’t value their lives enough. A familiar face returns at the end of the final Saw movie to teach Hoffman his lesson. An iconic way to end it all. 

7. Shotgun carousel

Ok so enough of all the plot twists here’s one of the best traps from the franchise. Not the most brutal in terms of gore and pain but one that could mentally break anyone involved. 

8. Would you forgive?

Sticking with Saw 6 and the ending saw William come face to face with a family where he let their husband die rather than try and save him when he was ill. It presented his widow and son with the opportunity to punish him. Would they kill him or save him?

9. Reverse bear trap

The most iconic of traps was the reverse bear trap which had seen both Amanda and Hoffman escape from it. Would Jill (Jigsaws wife) be as lucky as them?

10. Flammable jelly

One of the most brutal traps set and what really set the bar for the rest of the films was in the first installment. A man is left with the combination for the poison he has been injected with in a safe. All he has to do is read the numbers off the wall to open it. Oh yeah and the floor is covered in glass and he’s covered in flammable jelly. Rather him than me!

Saw is a franchise that splits so many opinions. It’s first film had one of the greatest moments in film history. Whether you like the resulting sequels or not you have to admit it was impressive how they tied all the films together. It gave us some brilliant endings and some truly memorable brutal moments. Here’s hoping they leave it how they did as it was the perfect way to end it. Happy birthday Saw! You will always be remembered. 

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