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My latest fashion obsession…Stripes Styles! I just mad about stripes! I love them!

I myself love fashion, but I don’t always follow trends. I sometimes feel like magazines tell us what to wear, when we should decide ourselves. Style is very personal and it reflects a part of us.

However, there is one trend that I absolutely love…Thats stripes style!

Stripes have obviously always been around but they are so IN right now, and there are many reasons why. Stripes are classic, stylish and chic. With the right material and pattern of the stripe, they can suit anyone. Whether you are apple-shaped, straight up and down or hourglass, there is something out there for you.

Take a look at a few items I have picked out that may suit you…

Bodycon Dress | Stripes Styles | Fashion Trends by Gracie Francesca

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1. The Hourglass Look

Black Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses are perfect for the hourglass figure. They grab your body in all the right places and they accentuate your curves.

2. Long legs

Skinny Mono Striped Jeans

Jeans are made for everyone but due to the detail and the pattern, these would look perfect on long legs. These are so eye-catching. If you like your legs and are happy for all the attention to be on them, these are definitely for you. (These are a favourite of mine, but my thighs just won’t allow them to be worn haha)

Mad about Stripes Styles | Fashion Trends by Ugly Face of Beauty3. Petite

Topshop striped band dress

From the petite section in Topshop, this dress is super cute. I love these dresses on “petite girls”. The back of this dress is open and will look pretty damn sexy worn on a night out. The cut of the waist is going to nip you in, and make your waist appear smaller than your hips. The pattern of the horizontal stripes are going to make your boobs appear bigger.
The pattern of the vertical stripes will make your legs appear slimmer and longer. What more could a girl ask for? Haha

4. The Slim Look

PU Stripe Trousers

How fierce are these? I am jealous of all the girls out there who can pull these off. These PU trousers would look amazing on someone who has slim legs and an incredible bum. The white stripe detail down the side of the leg is going to make your legs appear bigger, so if you have juicy thighs already, these might be a no-no.
These remind me of the American Apparel discount pant, but with a twist, and A LOT less expensive. The high waist band will also show off your waist.

Maxi Dress | Mad about Stripes Styles | Fashion Trends by Ugly Face of Beauty5. The Tall Look

Maxi Dress With Cut Out Shoulders

This dress is simply perfection for all my tall girls out there. I think you need a certain amount of height to carry this dress off. If you are too short, it may swamp you. I also love this dress because of the cut out detail, and the 3/4 length sleeves. If you have a dislike to your arms, this is also great. You could wear this dress with heels, chunky wedges or trainers.

So ,that’s it. How did you like it?

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Please remember, style is PERSONAL, and you can wear whatever you like. These are only my opinions, just to inspire you, and give you my take on things.

Will you be wearing stripes? I know I will be.

Gracie Francesca x

Stripes Styles | Fashion Trends


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