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The Walking Dead | Must Watch TV

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We walk you through and explain why you should be watching the hit TV drama The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead season 5


Whose in it?: Andrew Lincoln plays Rick Grimes who is the lead man on this show throughout the 4 and a half seasons that have been produced. He is joined on his quest for survival by his wife Lori (Sarah Wayne Callis) and son Kyle (Chandler Riggs). His gang of survivors includes red neck Daryl (Norman Reedus), sword wielding Michonne (Danai Gurira), loveable Glenn (Steven Yeun), his love interest and farm girl Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and his unstable best friend Shane (Jon Berthnal). As the show goes along not all of these characters stick around and new ones are introduced. That’s the brilliance of TWD you never know what’s going to happen next (unless you’ve read the comics as then you have a slight idea). 

What’s it actually about?: The Walking Dead follows former Sheriff Rick Grimes who wakes up after being in a coma. A few thing have changed since he’s been in a coma the main one being: A zombie apocalypse. We follow him and his fellow survivors as they try to carry on living in a world full of the dead. We follow all their trials and tribulations as they deal with love and loss as well as the constant fear of dying at any moment. 

Where can I watch it?: You can catch earlier seasons on Amazon prime and sky on demand. The latest episodes are airing on FX and they return to UK TVs on the 9th February! 

Why should I watch it?: The show has got bigger and bigger since its conception. What started off as a small time zombie drama has now turned into the most viewed show on TV. The ratings for the show have only got bigger and bigger while the storytelling has got better and better. If you’re new to TWD then please stick with it through its slow second season. You won’t be disappointed if you do. TWD has grown so much as a show and our characters have been through so much. We really love these characters as we’ve gone through so much with them. TWD is one of the best shows on TV at developing their characters we get to feel like we really know them which makes all the horrible things they have to go through so much more compelling for the viewer. It’s a show that’s not afraid to kill off major characters and you constantly live in fear of your favorite character being killed off (unless it’s Rick). Talking of Rick his evolution as the show has gone has been incredible. He started off as the good guy sheriff who was afraid to do the tough things and when he did do them it destroyed his conscience. Now he’s just a complete bad ass who doesn’t hesitate in the slightest to do what needs to be done. That was highlighted in the incredible season 4 finale along with the even better first few episodes of season five. We learn from this show a lot about humanity and that in the end the biggest threat to our heroes survival is usually other humans rather than the walkers themselves. This is massively highlighted during the brilliant third and fourth seasons where the sadistic The Governor decides he wants the prison they are living in. The Governor is truly one f the best and most convincing bad guys on TV and took the show to new heights during those seasons.  TWD returns to our screens shortly and after the devastating ending of the first part of the fifth season we are all desperate to see where our survivors are at now. Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick says the first couple of episodes are going to be some of the most brutal episodes ever seen on the show which is saying something. We cannot wait to see where this brilliant show takes us next! 

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