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Write for What’s Good?

Are you someone who seems to always know What’s Good? Have you been dying to get your voice heard?

If you would like an opportunity to become a contributing writer, and you have a passion for music, fashion and UK culture, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you…

Who are we looking for?

Funny, honest and creative people with strong writing and grammar skills. People with the ability to engage others with their words.

It’s our mission to find the freshest and most talented young writers who can write interesting and informative posts for What’s Good?.

We are looking for news and editorial contributors that have a real passion for music, fashion, film and general UK culture.

We want writers who can make a commitment to contribute to What’s Good? at least once per month.

What’s right for us?
Well researched newsy stories that highlight people doing awesome things, which, in return, will inspire others. Also, topical pieces that explore great moments in UK culture and subjects such as; music, fashion and even sports.

What’s wrong for us?
Hate, Crime, takedown pieces and anything with a “bad vibe”. Here at What’s Good? we like to focus on the good things.

Note: this is currently an unpaid position. As a contributing writer, you will be listed on our site as a What’s Good? team member. You’ll also be given opportunities to interview celebrities and music artists; as well as invites to some really cool events.

How to submit a post

First things first, make sure that you read our rules; and, make sure that you have read our Writer’s Guide.

Once you’ve finished reading, follow these steps:

Step 1. Search the site to see if your idea has already been covered.

Step 2. When you email us, make sure that you indicate in the subject line what topic your article is about.

Here’s an example of a good subject line:

Submit: [Fashion] 7 trending looks you need to know for this summer

Step 3. Within the body of your email, please indicate if you have written for us before (this may speed up the process). Make sure you include links to your previous articles.

If you wish to write for us for the first time, please provide us with links to articles you have written for other publications or your personal blog.

Step 4. Briefly, tell us a bit about your proposed topic (1-2 lines maximum).

Then, explain why your article is a good idea, i.e., what’s insightful/useful/entertaining about your story? (again, 1-2 lines maximum)

Step 5: Give us an outline of the article, detailing your vision and format for the post. Will it be a list? Is it a guide?

If you have already written the article, please include it as an attachment.

Please only submit an idea once. We read all of your submissions. Sending multiple emails for the same idea is unnecessary.

Please note that due to the high volume of emails we receive, we aren’t able to respond to every submission, but can assure you that we read every email. We thank you all for your interest!

To submit your article, email us here.

We can’t wait to work with you and spread the love!

What’s Good? Team